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Hosted Web Application Firewall

There are indefinite possibilities of vulnerabilities lurking in your web application, for which enterprises need to build robust security at multiple levels of IT infrastructure.

WAF is a web application firewall that protects your web application from common web threats by making your application secure and always available. WAF is an intelligent Cloud Hosted Web Application Firewall which detects vulnerabilities and possible attacks on the application, allows you to create custom rules for blocking web attacks and ensures that your website continues to load fast.

By adding a WAF to your environment, you can defend against SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), remote file inclusion (RFI) and more, while boosting detection accuracy via flexible rule sets with anomaly scoring.

In today’s hyper connected environment however, this is a major oversight as web applications interact directly with the backend database servers that hold the precious data of the enterprise such as the personal information of online retail customers that hackers so covet.

CloudIBN cloud security expert will help you to configure and manage Hosted WAF !!

Built for your security needs


Ease of Use and Management

Onboarding and management is simple and intuitive, requiring just a few clicks. Additionally, APIs enable easy rules deployments for customers who prefer to use an API interface.

Threat Intelligence At-Scale

Global distributed network enables us to curate a proprietary threat score by evaluating 1B+ IPs and analyzing digital signatures, every day.

Flexible Control

Firewall Rules allows customers to create custom rules for their specific needs directly from the dashboard. The rules engine supports a number of functions, operators and transformations

API Integrations

Rich API integration with popular tool sets allows easy configuration, customizable analytics and direct plug-ins for existing SIEM infrastructure. Examples include Terraform, GraphQL Splunk, SumoLogic, Datadog and more.

Integrated Security and Performance

Our WAF sits on the same global Anycast network as our performance product suite and seamlessly integrates with DDoS protection, Bot Management, CDN, Load Balancer, Argo Smart Routing and more. Tight integration between products enables enhanced performance, as compared to legacy WAF solutions.

High Accuracy

Our engineering team leverages threat intelligence to update Managed Rulesets regularly. This allows us to continuously improve accuracy, lower false positives and provide comprehensive coverage to protect against zero-day vulnerabilities.

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