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Cloud Migration Services

CloudIBN is a worldwide leading company providing cloud migration services, consulting, deployment and solutions since 1999. We help various organizations in porting their existing systems planning strategy and proper deployment for their success.

Many organizations embark on cloud migrations to attain scalability, cost-efficiency and higher application performance. But migrating apps to the cloud is an intricate process that requires vigilant planning and deliberation.

It’s crucial that organizations think through all possibilities — both good and bad. Cloud migration issues, such as unexpected costs, interoperability, security gaps and out of the blue application rework, can create significant hitches. To help smooth a frequently jarring path, organizations need to craft a well-thought-out migration strategy.

Whether your organization is migrating to the cloud from an on-premise environment or one cloud to the other, it’s important to figure out the process and temper any exorbitant expectations. And, since not every single application will benefit from the cloud, make sure a migration is right for your organization before diving in.

cloud migration services

 CloudIBN cloud migration strategy can be jotted into four main parts:

There are many alternatives when looking for cloud services. Choosing the right one for your business depends on several factors.Each provider has a specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Some offer massive scalability in seconds, whereas others offer more customable application management options.

Calculating cloud computing costs can be complex. It’s never going to be as simple as the figures on the pricing page appears. Make sure of all detail about exactly how your applications will operate in the cloud environment. Look for hidden charges like messages sent, bandwidth, API calls, and even geographical location.

Depending on the size of your databases and applications, we need to use different techniques for copying everything over.

Security During Migration

If security is key factor while on the cloud, it should be as important from the minute sending all that information and code to the cloud. Any temporary storage locations used end to end for sensitive data should be just as secure as your end destination.

Migrating Your Data

Moving a database can be tricky. Use the right tools for the task, and ensure the new structure and limits of your database will work correctly.

Use The Right Migration Tools

Make sure you are familiar how the tools work given by your provider. Moving databases can be complex, even with great tools. Your best bet is to consult an expert that used them before.

Cloud Architecture designing and planning Cloud server migration involves computing environments that run in a different way than your current system. Servers, networks and data services all run and interact differently, and its essential to make sure all updated parts of your system are ready for this change.

After you’ve migrated your data and applications, you’ll need to check everything is working. This might not be as easy as you think.Preferably, its prerequisite to have an automated testing strategy. This will check all important aspects of post migration.

Here are some relevant application migration options available


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CloudIBN has launched its very own official news portal today on 13.02.2018. Today’s launch is an important addition to our efforts in helping the Cloud

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