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Desktop Connect Pro

Desktop Connect PRO offers a complete remote Desktop access and application publishing Solution for all Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 2016. Remote Desktop can be access via Client on Windows, MAC, Linux Workstation or Mobiles Devices (IOS and Android).

Product Features

  • Application Control Per User And/Or Per Groups: Publish Applications For A Selection Of Users And/Or Groups And They Will Have Access Only To Their Applications Only.
  • Open Documents On Client Side Like Office, PDF etc Located On The Server Without Installing This Application On Server. This Application Should Be Present On Clients/Workstation (Through Generated Client).
  • Open URL On Client Side – It Allows To Open On The Client Side Any Websites Links And Websites Shortcuts Located On The Server. For Instance, You Can Open Videos Directly On The Client, Thus Saving Lots Of Bandwidth And CPU Power On Your Server. (Through Generated Client).
  • Same User Can Be Mapped With Multiple Servers (For Server Farm Deployment).
  • Local And Remote Connection Support.
  • Active Directory Support: Allows Administrators To Easily Control Access To Windows Apps Based On Active Directory User Groups. Also Works With Local Groups And Users (Workgroup).
  • Remote Desktop Access: Supports Concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) Connections, Printer Mapping, Disk Mapping, Port Com Mapping, Bi-Directional Sound, Remote FX, Dual Screen. Any Rdp Compatible Client Can Be Used To Connect.
  • Easy Connection From IPhone/IPad And Android Devices.
  • Connect With Just An E-Mail Or A Pin-Code With Web Credentials.
  • Ability To Assign One Or Several Application Server(S) To Users Or Groups.
  • Load Balancing And Failover Support (For Server Farm Deployment).
  • Secured Connection From Any Web Browser With HTTPS Web Server And SSH Server.
  • Universal Printer: Print From Any Location, Without Having To Install Any Printer Drive.

Security Options

Desktop Connect Pro Generated Can Have Lock Facility On, PC Name, Physical Drive Serial Number, Deny User From Saving Credentials.

Option To Use Different TCP/IP Port Number For The RDP Service To Accept Connections On.

Server-Side Security – Encrypt End To End Communication At High Encryption Level.

Deny Access To Client Which Do Not Use Desktop Connect Pro Software.

Application Control ‘Per User’ Or ‘Per Group Of Users’.

Option To Enable Lockout After Incorrect Login Attempt.

Option To Deny Access Outside LAN.

Hiding The Server Disk Drives.

Desktop Connect PRO Competitive Analysis

Features & Benefits RDS Citrix Desktop Connect Pro
Remote desktop
Publish the user Remote Desktop on the Internet
Application publishing
Publish Applications on the Internet
Application Control ‘per user’ or ‘per group of users’
HTTP, HTTPS and RDP protocols compliance
Compatible with any existing network
Web Portal
Web Access from Internet Explorer
Starting RemoteApp outside the user Web Browser
Web Application Portal
Connect from tablets, IPAD, Smartphone without having to download any mobile application
Does not require Internet Explorer. A session can be started from Safari, Firefox or Chrome.
Web Credentials to connect using a simple PIN code without Windows credentials.
Does not need ActiveX or plug-ins to be downloaded and installed on the user device
Remote printing even from Tablets or IPAD
Starting multiple applications from one single Web Access session
Install, configure and deploy Web Access architecture in less than a day
Concurrent users license
Enable Multiple sessions with the same login on all Windows versions including W7, W8, W10
Does not require RDS CALs
Run as server on W7, W8, W10 or 2016

Operating System Support

Your hardware must use one of the operating systems below:

  • Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home
  • Windows Vista Home Premium, Professional, Corporate, Ultimate Edition
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Corporate or Ultimate Edition
  • Windows 8 Professional and W8.1
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 2003 Server or 2003 SBS
  • Windows 2008 Server or 2008 SBS
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Windows 2016 Server

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