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A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by providing alternative server nodes for users to download resources (usually static content like images and JavaScript). These nodes spread throughout the world, therefore being geographically closer to your users, ensuring a faster response and download time of content due to reduced latency

Lower Latencies

  • Massively scalable
  • Improved availability and performance
  • Designed for today’s web
  • Robust security
  • Reports & analytics
  • Country filtering
  • IP cam re-streaming
  • Record your live stream
  • Pull/Push mode
  • Advanced and real-time analytics
  • Query string caching


Select Your Currency


  • 1Publishing Points
  • 1Stream Names
  • 1Push/Pull Zones
  • 1TB Data Transfer
  • 10GB Storage

$60.24 USD month


  • 1Publishing Points
  • 1Stream Names
  • 1Push/Pull Zones
  • 2TB Data Transfer
  • 10GB Storage

$120.48 USD month


  • 1Publishing Points
  • 1Stream Names
  • 1Push/Pull Zones
  • 3TB Data Transfer
  • 10GB Storage

$180.72 USD month


  • 1Publishing Points
  • 1Stream Names
  • 1Push/Pull Zones
  • 5TB Data Transfer
  • 10GB Storage

$293.67 USD month


  • 2Publishing Points
  • 2Stream Names
  • 2Push/Pull Zones
  • 10TB Data Transfer
  • 10GB Storage

$474.39 USD month


  • 5Publishing Points
  • 5Stream Names
  • 5Push/Pull Zones
  • 20TB Data Transfer
  • 10GB Storage

$602.40 USD month

Our Best

CDN Services

Reliable Hardware

High End enterprise hardware along with world class network assures high uptime and seamless transition of content

Video on Demand (VOD)

Our fast start system works for your Live and Video on Demand. VOD is cached locally. Live streams & popular videos start within sec.

Live Encoding

Live Encoding as a Service is a turn key solution for mass media that enables you to save money, time and more on bulk broadcasting.

IP camera

IP cam re-streaming is a turn key solution provided by us. We have been specializing in IP cam re-streaming for more than three years. This feature enables you to reduce bandwidth usage, even though the IP cam can still be watched by an unlimited number of viewers.

HTTP web acceleration

We accelerate the static assets of your website, like style sheets, JavaScript files, and images (in-short HTTP objects).
Our pricing model is simple, all you need to do is, buy our bandwidth & storage package according to your requirement.

Live Streaming

Live streaming solution is a user friendly and extremely easy to use and instant online one stop end to end solution for live broadcasting your events and for worldwide publicity (corporate meeting, conference, wedding and new product launch), 24/7 live broadcasts like satellite television channel & radio, video on demand and much more.

Content Delivery Network Features

Best in class infrastructure ,wide coverage of server across the globe make your content reach to your user very seamlessly.. and very very special price.

IGeo blocking

Geo blocking feature enables full control of your live streaming. You can easily choose which viewers will see your content based on the country they reside in. We do not charge anything extra for this service. It is included free in your bandwidth subscription

Near real time and detailed reporting

Do you want to know who is watching your live streaming, where your end viewers are located, what the duration of the stream watched by a each viewer is, and how much bandwidth you are consuming? The answers can all be found via our dashboard for report & analytics.

Simple to implement, stay live within 30 minutes

If you think that is how long it takes us to send you an automated response, you are wrong. 30 minutes is all it takes for one of our dedicated technical support engineers to be on hand to resolve your problem or answer any questions you might have. We will make sure your streaming is up and running 24 x 7 x 365.

Lower costs of bandwidth

Quality service at a reasonable price. Usually, in the CDN industry the more bandwidth your purchase, the less you will pay per GB. Get started with us now and get the best pricing in the CDN industry

Easy integration

Simplest and ready to understand integration method reduce complexity and make work more enjoyable.

Availability and Assured by our SLA

We have created an extensive knowledge base, numerous tutorials, and special documentation on every feature of our service. You can easily find answers to questions on your own, or contact our technical support center.

Looking for customized solutions on Cloud….

Web Hosting

Hosting made simple

With our portfolio of hosting services, we can:

Provision your complete server infrastructure

Operate regular, reliable data backup with mirror data centre facilities to match any scale or need

Provide the simplicity of ‘project and operation from one source’

Deliver technical support 24/7 with experts who speak your language and know your business inside out