| SINCE 1999 | ISO 9001 : 2015 & 27001 : 2013 Company

Wonderful Opportunity In Cloud Consulting Partner Program With 20% Commission Across The World

About the company :

CloudIBN is a leading Microsoft Gold Cloud Competent Infrastructure Consulting & Deployment company since 1999, providing complex Multi-Cloud-Managed Services and Solutions, helping the start-up to enterprise-level across all industry providing business continuity and high availability. We have expertise in Private, Public-AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Hybrid cloud optimizations. We help to meet your business objectives fulfilling highly robust, secure, and affordable solutions.

Our Target Designations :

IT Managers, IT Heads, IT Directors, CTO

Our Targeted Firms :

IT Firms, Logistics, Manufacturing, FMCG, BFSI, Travel Companies, etc

Our Targeted Geographies:

USA, India, UK, Singapore

Our Vision : 

CloudIBN would like to extend its arms in the USA, UK, Singapore and, India Market for their Quality Cloud Souring Services and are seeking to associate with the highly motivated partners across the globe.

Snapshot of Our Services:

  • Cloud Consulting, Solution & Architect – (Private | Public | Hybrid Cloud)
  • AWS | Azure | Google Cloud Optimizations.
  • DB-Admin Services (Cassandra Database | Oracle DB | Mongo DB | MS-SQL|MY-SQL)
  • DevOps | VMware | Hyper-V Consulting & Solution
  • Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting, Hybrid Cloud, CDN, Server Co-location
  • 24 x 7 Dedicated | Shared Cloud Support Team
  • Hire Cloud Resource Services
  • Consulting in Azure Streaming & Azure IoT services
  • Business Continuity Planning – (Cloud Backup | Disaster Recovery | Colocation)
  • Consulting Cloud Security | VAPT Audit


  • ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2013 IT/ITES
  • Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Company
  • Azure / AWS Certified Engineers
  • 24×7 environment with L1, L2, and L3 support
  • ISO 27001 :2013, ISO 9001:2015
  • 1200 project deployed

Turning to a trusted CloudSourcing partner offers several advantages:

Keeping pace with the demand for IT expertise
Organizations around the world are struggling to fill IT positions, particularly in cybersecurity. CloudSourcing functions to a partner with technically skilled and specialized engineers in new and emerging technologies to alleviate these pressures.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions:
CloudSourcing partner has the flexibility to accommodate your business today and grow with you in the future.

24/7 availability:
Working 9-to-5 is outdated now as the phone booth. When users work around the clock, so must be the network. With a CloudSourcing partner, we always there to support users no matter what time of day it is.

Shifting the Burden of Compliance:
Is your firewall up to date? Do you have a DMZ installed? Do you audit your Servers? Has your company implemented PCI security standards and work to maintain those standards? CloudSourcing partner helps to implement security strategies to keep your firewall, and your DMZ is up to date among other security measures.

Better security and backups:
Cyber-attack or data breaches can put an entire business’s operation at risk, especially companies that are dealing with sensitive customer data, such as those in the government, healthcare, and financial industries. CSP has the technical staff to keep current with the latest security threats.

Access to New Technology:
The lightning-fast pace technology changes are challenging and time-consuming, with business grows, its IT requirements will inevitably change. A top advantage of managed services can how quickly new technology can be implemented into your business. CloudSourcing Partner can start projects right away, saving you time and money.

Fewer hardware costs.
One of the most significant incentives to partner with a managed service provider is its extreme cost-effectiveness. Employing a managed cloud services provider makes for a nimbler infrastructure, and the ability to adjust spending to match budget and computing needs makes for more optimized spending—good news for any budget.

Reduce Labour Costs:

Full-time in-house Staffing is unnecessary & extremely expensive when expert cloud managed services providers can deliver round-the-clock, dedicated services at a fraction of the cost.

Access to IT Professionals
An MSP is essentially an in-house IT staff member but without the associated cost. While working with Dynamix Solutions, get access to our knowledgeable staff that is available for any IT queries you have.

Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. CloudSourcing can help to stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness:
Organizations try for In-house IT Services that carry research, development, and implementation time, all of which increase costs and are ultimately passed on to customers.

Reduce Risk:
Every investment in the business carries a definite risk. Government Regulations, Technologies, and Financial Conditions and Markets all changes at a rapid pace. When you utilize an outsourcing provider, we manage a lot of this risk for you because of our industry knowledge in areas such as compliance and security issues.

Improved Vendor Management:
Outsourcing vendor management to an MSP removes the pain of working with multiple vendors, and having a single, trusted partner as a coordinator streamlines operation and avoids unnecessarily burdening an employee with a task that is the best left to subject matter experts.

Faster Response Time:
When businesses work with Dynamix Solutions, it receives the just in time support. From our Network Operations Center, we can repair most network problems that your business may have.

Scalability and Flexibility:
As the rate of technological advancements and the fact that businesses need to scale resources on-demand fluctuates. Scalability is vital to supporting business growth and development because scalable solutions can accommodate rapid changes. It also helps the firm to stay productive, improve system availability, and eliminate detrimental downtime. CloudSourcing Partner proactively explores and identifies enhancements for improvement in support of the client’s key business objectives and able to tackle priority projects and specialty work, so no need to hire full-time staff until your business is ready for them.

Why should partner consider working with the CloudIBN

  • Partner will get the commission until the customer is availing CloudIBN services and clearing invoices.
  • All necessary support will be provided by IBN as & whenever required for Client on Boarding.
  • Partner will get 20% of the Sales Commission on every New Sales Closing. The commission will release immediately on the receipting First Invoice Amount. (Invoice will issue on month-end with 7 days grace period.)
  • IBN Possess Strong professionalism dealing with the Partner & the Client for that matter. We stick to what we have promised to the Partner in terms of Commission and Extended support with regards to selling or bringing the client on-board.
  • IBN has offices in Florida (United States), United Kingdom, India, and Singapore. The partner can refer to this address if the client asks for the Presence. (These addresses are independently for Cheque Deposits and Reference Purpose only)

What kind of ‘Partner’ fits into this role?

The partner who is having a background in the selling of IT HARDWARE, Software, or have connects/contacts in the same industry.

A partner who is in selling System Integration projects WI-FI, Data Centre Built, LAN, WAN, IT Security background.

A partner who doesn’t wants capping on earning the commission and don’t mind getting extra in their pockets.

Self-Motivated and get Going person someone who enjoyed Selling in the Finance Market.

Minimum 5 years of sales experience required.

Industry Experience Required

Training & Support

  • Our Sales cycle is simple. We are happy to extend support in terms of Pre-sales and requisites to bring the client on board, transforming the prospect into an opportunity.
  • All our support provided will be over the Conference call, may it be Skype, Goto meeting, etc.
  • Client Pre-sales call arranged by using the Goto meeting along with the outlook schedule or if it requires CloudIBN is ready.
  • Face-to-face meetings case-to-case basis.
  • CloudIBN is responsible for providing all the requirements that can help Partners to Turn Prospects into Opportunities and ultimately into Business. The set of requisite includes CloudIBN Profile, Cloud Case studies, Client References.
  • CloudIBN is responsible for providing clarity on sales commission earned by the Partner. CloudIBN allows access to Partner Commission Portal to track the commission amount.
  • CloudIBN ensures that all partners have updated to the latest trend of technology in the cloud. We offer Weekly Training to Sales representatives and access to the CloudIBN News portal, where all cloud news collected and shown on a single platform.
  • CloudIBN can extend a few days of Cloud Services for FREE (POC), by looking at the size of the deal, this is to get Client Confidence about the Process.
  • CloudIBN prefers partners to represent and close a deal of CloudSouring and other services in-line for CloudIBN (mentioned in the snapshot).
  • Partner will be solely responsible for Selling IBN’s CloudSouring Solutions in their territory.
  • CloudIBN may provide leads to Partners as and when required but is not bound to do.
  • CloudIBN will provide Pre-sales support to their partners if required to get the Client on board.