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Cloud Migration

There are numerous advantages for Organizations to migrate their IT infrastructure partially or fully to cloud like

Better manageability

Global access

Reduced operational and management cost

Offloading the management and availability responsibilities to the service provider

Cloud Migration

CloudIBN is a leading cloud migration consulting that has helped various organizations in porting their existing systems to the cloud. We follow a comprehensive strategy, focused plan and proper deployment for a successful migration. We execute the process of cloud migration by:

  • Analyzing the challenges and risks before moving to cloud platform
  • Evaluating the existing infrastructure and software to determine which system is best-suited for the cloud
  • Identifying applications that can be more valuable by moving them to the cloud
  • Identifying the cloud service provider best suited for the customer’s service needs
  • Our highly-experienced consultants work closely with your organization and perform a detailed review of your IT infrastructure and provide recommendations for cloud migration along with the following cloud-based services

Our Cloud Migration and Protection Consulting Services include:

  • Cloud On boarding & Implementation Services
  • Proposing best options from Cloud Providers like
    Azure | AWS | Office 365 | Google Apps | Private Cloud at data Centres
  • Protection and Disaster Recovery Planning Services
  • System Health Checks, Updates and Tune-Ups
  • Environment Preparation Services
  • Project Management
  • Migration Assurance
  • Post Migration Support like Management , Monitoring & optimisation
Cloud Migration
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