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Cloud Architecture - Cloud Migration| Cloud Management| Multi Cloud Services
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Cloud Architecture

A very important factor for both planning and execution is Enterprise Cloud Architecture.
The real challenge is aligning business and IT functions, secure and competent technology, operational efficiency, governance and project management disciplines.

Cloud-IBN deliver an end-to-end solution across infrastructure, integration, business, solution, data, security and mobility.

We offers a suite of fully managed enterprise-class cloud infrastructure consulting & implementation services designed and customized to integrate tightly with your existing on-premises or off-premise environments. Our global certified Engineering & Support Services team provides 24x7x365 management and support.


Multi-Cloud incorporates many different clouds and cloud providers within the one solution for the ultimate in customisation and flexibility.
Benefits From Multi-cloud:
1. Improve disaster recovery
2. Ability to use unique cloud-specific services from different providers
3. Public cloud benefits with low cost and unlimited scalability

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IBN Cloud Architecture


  • Strategic Advice
  • Cloud Architecture & Deployment Solutions
  • Licensing Environment Optimization & Management
  • Security
  • Outsourced License Life cycle Management
  • Project Management
  • Audit Simulation & Support

Some Features

IBN’s Multicloud Capability