How To Create Support Ticket

Step 1
Go to url :

Step 2
For Existing Users : Click on Client login link (marked with a red box in below screen shot i.e. and  type in email address and password 
For New Users : Click on Register link (marked with a green box in below screen shot i.e. to register.

Step 3 :
After you login , On login client will see dashboard as below . To open new ticket , Click on open ticket (marked with a red box) and if you want to view existing tickets click on Support -Tickets Link (marked with a green box) in the screen shot below



Step 4 (New Ticket):
To raise new ticket,Click on the required Department to raise  the ticket Page

Step 5 :
You will see ticket Page as below opening , where you raise your queries and issues. You can view ticket response in email and in client area on IBN website as on

Step 6 :
To View and reply existing tickets , Click on Support-Tickets ((marked with a  box) in the screen shot below

Step 7 :
If you think you, your ticket has been resolved upto your satisfaction, then kindly closed the ticket. where you can rate the support executives reply.

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