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Performance Optimization Strategy

idle resources
Idle Resources Assessment

It is critical to identify idle resources and to understand why any services and assets within your Cloud environment are no longer in use.

resources provisioning
Resources Provisioning

Optimization is a continuous cycle. Make sure your Cloud computing resources are correctly configured to deliver the performance and services you need.

instance upgradation
Instance Upgradation

Public cloud continually upgrades instances, and with each upgrade the price decreases and performance improve. Make sure you get the best performance at the lowest price.

Managed reserved
Manage Reserved Instances

Reserved Instances allow you to prepay for cloud resources at a lower price. Knowing how much youll need, and when, are both critical to getting the best deal.

storage strategy
Storage Strategy

Public cloud provider offers different levels of storage services at different prices. The right storage strategy can save money and ensure availability.

content distribution approach
Content Distribution Approach

Understanding where and how you are distributing your content to end users can have a huge impact on storage and distribution costs.


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