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Kubernetes Consulting And Managed Services

CloudIBN is a Certified Kubernetes Consulting Services Provider for Enterprises to build Cloud-Native and serverless Applications with Continuous Delivery, DataOps, and Enterprise AI Platform for Decision Intelligence.

Container orchestration is one cornerstone for modernizing traditional applications. Since container applications are characteristically separated from their structural system, the use of Kubernetes services makes them more portable. Ultimately, Kubernetes services are needed to orchestrate and manage the efficient deployment of production-grade workloads at scale.

CloudIBN provides Managed Kubernetes Services with Observability including monitoring, deployment and optimised usage of Kubernetes in complex environments.

  • Kubernetes Consulting and Advisory
  • Streamline Operations and Enhance Resource Efficiency
  • Managed 24*7 Cluster Services
  • Hybrid Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Enterprise-Grade Security
  • Big Data and AI Workloads

Managed Kubernetes-as-a-Service (KaaS)

Streamline Operations and Enhance Resource Efficiency

Solution offerings for effective management of highly available Kubernetes deployments, and intelligent provisioning of containers.

Managed Cluster Services

Solutions for efficiently provisioning clusters and configuring custom Kubernetes clusters which have auto-scaling abilities.

Leading Cloud Solutions

Manage Kubernetes applications and on Accelerate containerised application development on cloud services – Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

Enterprise-Grade Security

Securing Kubernetes deployments and workfloads with Enterprise-Grade Security policies.

Benefits of Kubernetes


Continuous Integration Workloads

It can manage all the continuous integration workloads. As mentioned briefly above, it can also replace containers that fail.


Configuration Management

It helps deploy and update application configuration without having to rebuild the image.


Auto-Bin Packing

One of its best features is placing containers automatically based on the resource constraints. This leads to increased utilization while saving more resources.


Scaling Out

It can automatically scale the application up-and-down based on user-defined resource usage configuration. This can also be done via the user interface, if needed.


Load Balancing / Service Discovery

It gives containers their own IP addresses. It can facilitate load balancing across containers by providing a single DNS name for a set of containers. The benefit lies in not having to modify the application to use an unfamiliar service discovery mechanism.


Secrets Management

It helps deploy and update secrets without having to rebuild the image.


Automated Rollbacks

Not only does it facilitate automatic rollouts, it also does a great job rolling back the changes in case something goes wrong. This is because while it is capable of rolling out changes to your application, configuration or secrets, it’s also capable of monitoring application health.


Self-Healing Containers

It’s smart enough to restart containers that fail. It kills containers that do not respond to the user-configured health checks and replaces them with new ones. It automatically assigns the new container and address and exposes it to the clients when they are ready to serve.



It’s fully capable of automatically mounting the storage system of your choice. This could vary from local storage to a public cloud provider (like Azure, AWS or GCP) or even a network storage system (such as Ceph, Flocker or NFS).

Why CloudIBN

Our Vendor neutral approach and association-ship with major Tier-III data caters help customer to select rage of cloud solutions from Public , Private and Hybrid cloud across world. We are

  • ISO 9001:2008 & 27001:2013 IT/ITES
  • Microsoft Gold Cloud Competency Company
  • AWS Select Partner
  • Multi Cloud consulting services
  • Managed Services Provider
  • 22+ years immense experience in cloud
  • 1200 + projects delivered in cloud
  • Trusted by Enterprise customers
  • Partner to Ingram, Crayon , TechData , WestCon
  • Office Presence USA ,UK, Singapore , INDIA



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CloudIBN bags orders from Finance Sector

The company’s cloud consultancy business has secured order worth USD 1 Mn in India from Gurgaon based BFSI. CloudIBN improvements security merit helps team to BAG such a big.

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Launch of News Portal

CloudIBN has launched its very own official news portal today on 13.02.2018. Today’s launch is an important addition to our efforts in helping the Cloud

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