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Hosted Call Center Solutions

Cloud IBN provides that unites Outbound, Inbound and Blended voice processes. In addition, it delivers Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Recording, Quality Management, Comprehensive Reporting and Administrative Capabilities. The Solution helps customer service and support operators, inside sales people, telemarketers, collections agents and other phone-based teams to increase sales, save money and improve customer satisfaction. The solution automates the call center processes allowing you to focus on running your business and keeping your customers completely satisfied.

Call Center Solution Scenarios


Inbound Process

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD allows Contact Centres to answer calls as they enter the Contact Centre, play some Welcome Message and intelligently route them to available agents based on the dialed number (DNIS), calling party identification (ANI), available agents, Agent Selection Algorithm or customized business rules. Inbound Agents can participate simultaneously in Outbound dialing to provide Blended support.


Automated Voice Blaster

Voice blasting system is an automated outbound voice messaging service that delivers pre-recorded voice messages for voice notifications, alerts and reminder messages. When – Voice Blaster calls it can simply leave a message or it can ask for a response. You may obtain responses from people by recording their voice answers, asking them to press keys to respond to choices, or by transferring them to a live Agent or Operator. Your pre-recorded voice message can be blasted to thousands of phones simultaneously.


Outbound Service

Manual/Auto/Preview/Predictive Dialler

Outbound Service utilizes multiple Predictive, Preview, Progressive and Manual dialing options to manage pacing and compliance with regulations. Outbound Service operates a variety of campaign and list management strategies and ensures accurate voice, fax and answering machine detection. In addition, Outbound Service also provides Do Not Call List Management, Time Zone Management and Scheduled Call-back.


Some Features

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