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Cloud Backup | Cloud Storage Services – Cloud IBN

Reliable Cloud Backup and Storage Services

Your data is compressed, encrypted and stored on our storage devices. Encryption happens at 256 military grade to ensure that your most precious data will never be mis-used. Our auto backup facility ensures timely backup.

Cloud Backup

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  • 250GB Backup Space
  • 1 Windows Server Backup Agent
  • 500GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 256 Bit Encryption , Compression
  • 24*7Monitoring and Support

$39.04 USD month


  • 500GB Backup Space
  • 1 Windows Server Backup Agent
  • 1TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 256Bit Encryption , Compression
  • 24*7 monitoring and support

$75.15 USD month


  • 1000GB Backup Space
  • 1 Windows Server Backup Agent
  • 2TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 256 Bit Encryption , Compression
  • 24*7 monitoring and support

$151.15 USD month


  • 2000 GB Backup Space
  • 1 Windows Server Backup Agent
  • 4TB Mothly Data Transfer
  • 256 Bit Encryption , Compression
  • 24*7 monitoring and support

$301.15 USD month

What We Offer

We can take care of everything for you. We offer flexible, secure and cost-effective way to bring your web application into the fast lane. With 24/7 technical support from skilled cloud domain experts, you can get the very most from your web application.

Domain Name New/Transfer

Start your own online business with Domain Name Registration. Transfer domain for better service response.

Web Hosting

Secured, speedy, reliability and flawless customer service with High quality web hosting to enhance your Business.

Dedicated Server

World class datacenter facility, High end ,Robust dedicated servers available at USA, Europe and India location Respectively

Virtual Private Server

Giving the flexibility to start small but still have the ability to scale up as needed. VPS are available at USA ,Europe and India location Respectively

Enterprise Email Services

We have a safe, solid answer for your email needs. The majority of our Email plans accompany a quick, lightweight webmail interface for dealing with your email & contact.


Your end users will be able to access their desired content from nearest PoP (point-of-presence) on the network, no matter where they live the in world.

Cloud Backup

Online backup is a great way to keep your data offsite and separated from your network, protecting against a disaster.

Microsoft O365

We are a Partner with Microsoft specialized in Office 365 Migration, Deployments and Administration & End-User training

Microsoft Azure / AWS

A team of Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS Certified consultants with hand on experience on IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and Hybrid models.

Dedicated server

Installing a server and having the necessary infrastructure and skilled technical personnel to maintain the in-house server is extremely high.
The transition to cloud from in house server has benefited most organization in cutting costs and focussing hassle free on their core competence

  • AMD Athlon™ X2, Single DualCore, 4GB RAM
  • 2x 320 GB SATA RAID1
  • Monthly Data Transfer Unlimited
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All Plans Included

High Quality Hardware

High quality, Enterprise grade hardware. Wide & flexible range of web server configurations & customization options to match any type of requirement of High End Dedicated Server, Virtualized Server,
Cloud Server or Dedicated Mail.

Ensure Online Success

We believe in offering fast, reliable, secure and stable web servers for all types of needs of our customers. Fast loading websites and quick response times are key parameters for success of any website and online business.

Data Centers

Our servers are located at world class data center locations in USA, Europe and as well as India. Pick and choose your preferred datacentre location near to your audience and ensure your site content reaches users as fast as possible.

24/7 telephone, email

All of our hosting plans are backed by our in-house customer support team. They’re here for you 24/7/365 via live chat, email.

Flexibility & Control

With root SSH access and full administrator privileges to the server, you gain complete control over the server and its functioning.

24/7 network monitoring

All Server are offered with basic monitoring feature. Your server is under protection of IBN experts even in case of it is unmanaged.

Some Features

With IBN’s advanced security and performance optimizations, your website runs smoother and faster.

High Performance

State of the Art Data Center, Resilience and Redundancy at all the levels

Expert Advice

Windows/Linux Experts, 19+ year of experience
Get your customized solution on cloud

Reliable Hardware

Best-in-class hardware for our hosting infrastructure, managed by certified experts.

Web Hosting

Hosting made simple

With our portfolio of hosting services, we can:

Provision your complete server infrastructure

Operate regular, reliable data backup with mirror data centre facilities to match any scale or need

Provide the simplicity of ‘project and operation from one source’

Deliver technical support 24/7 with experts who speak your language and know your business inside out

Looking for customized solutions on Cloud….